Steamed Ginger Chicken, Chinese Sausage, Egg and Pea shoots

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Ingredients for min: 2 people

I don't really measure out ingredients when cooking, the best way is just to figure it out as you go along. (Aga Aga - A bit of this, and a bit of that )

Chop Spring onion
salt cooking oil
Oyster Sauce (optional)
Chicken thigh (or breast if you like but Thigh tastes better )
Pea Shoots
White cooking wine

  • Prep. Time → 15 min
  • Cook Time → 30 min
  • Level → Medium

1 Step 1 - The Ginger Sauce
Chop Spring onion, Grate Ginger, add tiny bit of salt and a bit of Hot cooking oil, Tiny bit of Oyster Sauce (optional) Do all of this in a little serving bowl.

2 Step 2 - Chicken
Clean chicken, Add a slice of Ginger on top of chicken
Steam for 20-25mins. (Depends on how much chicken you use)
( I steam the chicken by placing chicken in a bowl, putting that bowl onto a steaming stand/rack then placing it all into a large pot of water. )

3 Step 3 - Chinese Sausages
You can buy from any Chinese Super Markets (send me a msg if you want to know where I get mine from). All you need to do to cook the Sausages is, slice them up, and steam them for around 12 mins or so. (You can also boil them, or even stry fry them..)

4 Step 4 - Pea Shoots
Add a tiny bit of oil to a pan / wok then Stir fry pea shoots for a couple of minutes, add a bit of chopped garlic, bit of salt, just before you finish and then add a splash of cooking wine.

5 Step 5 - Fried Egg ( If you don't know how to fry an egg... )

6 ** Best to serve up with some steamed Jasmine rice. (Use a rice cooker if you have, and set it to cook at the beginning)

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