Aubergine & green apple carpaccio

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Aubergine & Green Apple Carpaccio of Michel Rouse - Recipefy

Aubergines, Granny Smith apples, olive oil, arugula, feta cheese, black olives, LBV port, herbes de provence, salt

Prep. Time → 30 min

Cook Time → 15 min

1. Reduce port until it is a syrupy consistency and set aside

2. Cut aubergine in thin disks, brush with olive oil and dust with herbes de provence and salt

3. Fry aubergines in a frying pan and set aside

4. Remove core from apple and cut very thin disks

5. Lay bed of arugula on plate and place aubergine and apple slices (alternating)

6. Crumble some feta and add a few black olive

7. Drizzle port reduction on top

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Michel Rouse
46 years old
Antibes, France