Fig, feta and watermelon salad

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Fig, Feta and Watermelon Salad of Lisa Evanoff - Recipefy

6 C. Arugula
4 to 6 figs cut into quarters
1 C. Watermelon, one inch cubes
¼ C. Red onion, sliced thin
1/3 C. Feta cheese, crumbled
6 mint leaves, chiffonade

Balsamic Dressing

2 T. Balsamic vinegar
6 T. Olive oil
2 t. Dijon mustard
Salt and pepper to taste

1. Add all ingredients to a small glass jar with lid and shake well until combined

2. To assemble, add all of the salad ingredients and toss lightly with the dressing. I put the ingredients onto separate plates and then drizzled the dressing for a beautiful presentation. Enjoy!!

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