Gardener's soup

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Gardener's soup of DC5veganlifestyle - Recipefy

2 carrots
one celery root
one parsnip
one small chopped onion
one cup rice
3 bouillon cubes
pinch of black pepper
fresh parsley
6 cups water
pinch of oil

Prep. Time → 5 min

Cook Time → 20 min

1. 1.Cut the vegetables as you wish
2.Cook the rice until the water is soaked up
3.Stir fry the vegetables for one minute
4.Add the water,black pepper and bouillon cubes over the vegetables and let them cook for 12 minutes
5.Add the rice to your soup and cook for 3 more minutes
6.Serve and sprinkle the fresh parsley on top

2. P.S:You can really add any veggie to this,from corn to mushrooms or whatever your heart desires, it will be delicious and full of nutrients!

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