Hare in red wine sauce

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Hare in red wine sauce of Alex - Recipefy

1 saddle of Hare
red wine (100 mL)
chicken stock (500 mL)
juniper berries

serve wth Rotkohl and potato dumplings

Prep. Time → 10 min

Cook Time → 30 min

1. rub saddle with salt and pepper

2. sear the saddle meat in pieces ( i cut in to 4, and sear the larger two ieces for a little longer) searing is not to cook the meat but to colour it only so it only needs a couple of minutes

3. add juniper berries and red wine, and reduce slightly

4. add stock and simmer for 20 mins (note meat at this point is well done)

5. remove meat, add sugar to the suace and reduce slighlty. season with salt and pepper and sugar until you are happy.

6. serve with sweet Rotkohl and potato dumplings

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