Indian chicken curry in a hurry.

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Indian chicken curry in a hurry. of Mitanti Ghosh - Recipefy

Chicken breasts : 750 grams (with bone and skin)
Sunflower oil : 1 tablespoon
Yogurt : 125 gms
Water : 2 cups
Onion : 1 (large) (chopped)
Potato : 100 grams
Garlic : 3 cloves (chopped)
Tomato Puree : 5 tablespoon
Sugar : 1 teaspoon
Salt to taste
Cinnamon stick : 1
Green Cardamom : 5
Brown Cardamom: 1
Cloves : 7
Turmeric powder : 1/2 teaspoon
Cumin powder : 1 teaspoon
Garam Masala powder : 1 teaspoon
Red Chili powder : 1 teaspoon (if you want it spicy)
Freshly ground black pepper powder : 1/3 teaspoon

Prep. Time → 10 min

Cook Time → 50 min

1. Remove the skin of the chicken and put two slanted slits on the breast pieces.

2. Add oil to a non-stick pan. Turn on the heat, when the pan becomes a bit warm add chopped onion, chopped garlic and the whole spices to the pan.

3. As soon as the whole spices start to crackle and emit the smell, sauté it.

4. When the onions and garlics have changed their color to light golden brown add the potatoes (with skin) and sauté it.

5. Add the chicken pieces.

6. Sprinkle salt.

7. Let the chicken cook for some time so that the color changes and looks like this.

8. Change the sides again and repeat the process once more.

9. Mix the powdered spices. Sprinkle the mix on the chicken.

10. Add the splash of water so that the powdered spices do not burn.

11. Sauté it nicely until the spices get well distributed among the chicken and other ingredients.

12. After 1 or 2 minutes the spice mixture will be incorporated and begin to emit the flavor.

13. Add the beaten yogurt.

14. Sauté it nicely for 2-3 minutes.

15. Add the tomato puree.

16. Add sugar.

17. Sauté it nicely to incorporate the ingredients. Then season it with salt.

18. Sauté it until the oil separates from the spice mixture. When this happens, add the water.

19. Stir it nicely.

20. Cover and cook for thirty minutes in medium heat.

21. After thirty minutes, remove the cover, change the sides of the chicken. Check whether the meat is done.

22. If the meat is not done and the gravy is too dry, add a cup of water. Stir and cook for 10-15 more minutes in medium heat.

23. When the meat is done, reduce the heat to low and keep it for 1-2 minutes. The oil will separate and float on top. The dish is then ready.

24. The final dish is shown here.

25. The dish is best served with hot steamed basmati rice.

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