Jerk steak with caribbean salad

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Jerk Steak with Caribbean Salad of Calvin Atkinson - Recipefy

4 rump or rib eye steaks
8 spring onions
2 scotch bonnet chillies
1 tbsp Allspice
2 tsp ground cinnamon
6cm piece of root ginger
A good few sprigs of thyme
200ml cider vinegar
3 tbsp honey
sea salt
black pepper

For Caribbean salad
1 large mango
1 tin of black beans
70g rocket
1 tbsp coriander coarsely chopped
1 ½ cups Olive oil
½ cup cider vinegar

Prep. Time → 20 min

Cook Time → 2-5 min

1. Start by creating the jerk marinade by roughly chopping the spring onions and place in the blender with scotch bonnets, allspice, cinnamon, ginger, thyme, cider vinegar, honey, salt and pepper and blitz until smooth

2. Place the steaks on a tray and pour over the jerk marinade onto the steaks, Clingfilm over the tray and place in the fridge to marinade for at least 3 hours

3. To create the salad cube the mango and place in a bowl with the drained black beans, rocket and coriander and put to one side until serving

4. Next create a dressing by placing olive oil, cider vinegar, and lime juice in a jar

5. Screw on the lid tight and give a good shake to let the flavours blend and place to one side

6. Meat gets tense when it’s chilled so take the steaks out 30 minutes before cooking to allow the meat to relax

7. Get a Barbecue or a griddle pan really hot

8. Cook the steak on the hot barbecue or griddle pan to your liking turning about every minute

9. If you have a cooking thermometer or want to use the finger to thumb method I go with the Fabulous Baker Brothers guide:
Rare= 50°c index finger to thumb
Medium rare= 56°c middle finger to thumb
Medium= 62°c ring finger to thumb
Well done= 70°c little finger to thumb

10. Plate up your steak with a good portion of salad and a lime wedge and serve immediately

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