Muesli oatmeal

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Muesli Oatmeal of Melissa Meiner - Recipefy

1 cup water
2/3 cup old-fashioned Gluten-free rolled oats
2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp salt
1 tbsp raisins
1 tsp virgin coconut oil

2-3 cups seasonal, fresh fruit salad

Prep. Time → 10 min

Cook Time → 10 min

1. Bring water to a boil in a small sauce pan. Add in oats, cinnamon and salt, and reduce heat. After a minute stir in raisins.

2. Cook uncovered for 5 minutes, or until done, stirring occasionally. Turn off the heat and stir in the oil.

3. Serve and top with fruit salad.

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Author Melissa Meiner

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