Shreddie bread! (healthy fruit loaf)

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Shreddie Bread! (Healthy fruit loaf) of Doom - Recipefy

1 cup bran cereal (tried All Bran and Shreddies so far!)
1 cup milk/soya milk
1 cup self-raising flour
1 tbsp sugar/golden syrup (not honey)
1 cup dried fruit
spices to taste (allspice/cinnamon)

(I use a normal-sized mug for my 'cup' - any cup will do!)

Prep. Time → 10 min

Cook Time → 55 min

1. Put the cereal in a mixing bowl

2. Add the milk and leave it til it's a bit mushy

3. Stir in the dried fruit and sugar

4. Sieve the flour and dry spices into the bowl and give it a good mix

5. Put the mixture into a greased loaf tin (must grease tin or it'll stick!)

6. Bake for 45mins (mini loaves) 1h15 (large loaf) at 170 deg C (until knife comes out clean)

7. Slice and enjoy - as is, or with a little butter

8. Variations: Use mashed banana instead of dried fruit, or swap cinnamon & raisins for ground ginger and chopped crystallised stem ginger... nom!

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My son made this today, we used shreddies and sugar rather than syrup, I told him not to bother greasing the tin, and just line it with greaseproof paper - EPIC FAIL, it stuck to the paper LOL!!! Once we'd cut the paper off, it tasted good, and would probably make again but 'grease the tin'!!

Doom 10 years ago

Aha! I'll modify the recipe to highlight that point - thanks :-) I use silicone bakeware with a squirt or two of cooking spray and the loaves pop right out!
Once you've made it a few times, you get used to what consistency of mixture makes a nice moist loaf - then you can have fun adding different flavours and stuff :-)

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