Spring rolls

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Spring Rolls of Noa - Recipefy

chopped cabbage
chopped green onions
thin rice noodles
sliced cucumber
sliced carrot
sliced avocado

soy sauce


spring rolls wrappers

Prep. Time → 5 min

Cook Time → 15 min

1. after slicing and chopping all the ingrediants,
I used bain-marie to keep it warm and mixed it with a little salt

2. boiled some water, enough to cook the rice noodles (keep it for one min in warm water then move it to the bain-marie with the rest of the ingrediants and mix it)

3. when all the stuffing is ready in the bain marie, take the spring rolls wrapper, place it in warm water till it soften, then place on a plate and put some of the mix on the wrapper.
close the wrapper and place the spring rolls on the servine plate.

4. for the sauce,
use soy sauce mixed with ginger, I add some mirin and some chopped green onions in it for flavor.

5. enjoy.

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