Sweet potato quiche

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-1 Large Sweet Potato
-10 Eggs
-Salt & Pepper to Taste
-Goat Cheese (or other cheese of your choice)
-Spinach & Onion (or other veggies of your choice)
-Milk (optional for fluffier eggs)

Prep. Time → 15 min

Cook Time → 40 min

1. -Preheat oven to 375
-Boil Sweet Potato until soft when pricking it with a fork
-Oil 9x9 baking pan (or circular pan is fine, just needs to be at least 1-2 inches deep for eggs rising as they cook)
-Slice Sweet Potato in 1/8-1/4 inch thick slices and arrange on bottom and sides of oiled baking pan

2. -In large bowl, crack 10 eggs, add a dash of milk (optional), salt and pepper, whisk.
-Add chopped veggies and cheese to whiskey eggs
-Add mixture to sweet potato lined pan

3. -Bake for 35-45 mins (until you can stick a fork in and it comes out dry)

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