Tortellini à la crème de normandie

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Tortellini à la crème de Normandie of Matteo Montanari - Recipefy

200 gr. Italian stuffed tortellini (better if home made, no meat)
20 cl. Crème légère de Normandie (sour creme)
30 gr. zucchini
20 gr. cherry tomatoes (tiniest size)
15 drops of lemon juice
1 clove of garlic
- -
extra virgin olive oil
salt (always very little amount)
black pepper (always very little amount)

Prep. Time → 20 min

Cook Time → 15 min

1. Fullfill a pot with 75 cl. of water (this is where you cook your tortellini)

2. Turn on your cooker to a mid level flame and put your pot on it with the cover

3. Chop the 30 gr. zucchini in very little cubes (about 5mm each side)

4. Chop the 20 gr. cherry tomatoes in tiny little slices

5. Grab a pan and put it on a small cocker and wait until is a little hot

6. Pour a little olive oil on the pan

7. Chop a garlic clove in 5 little pieces

8. Put the garlic pieces with the olive oil, in the pan with a cover

9. Now add the zucchini cubes

10. Wait 3 minutes while everything is frying gently there in the pan

11. Now is time you add the Crème légère de Normandie (sour creme)

12. Add some salt & black pepper

13. At this point the water is boiling in the pot

14. You add all your tortellini there and you half cover the pot with a cover.

15. In 7 minutes your tortellini are cooked

16. You drain out all the water and wait 1 minute (Not more)

17. Now your cream is nearly ready so you put all your tortellini in the pan with the cream

18. You well mix tortellini and cream and you add a little olive oil

19. Wait other 3 minutes untill is cooked

20. Add some parsley and serve it warm

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