Fabulous fudge!!!

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Fabulous Fudge!!! de Jess - Recipefy

1lb (450g) granulated or caster sugar,
3oz (25g) butter,
1/4 pt (150ml) milk,
6 oz (175g) condensed or evaporated milk,
A few drops of vanilla extract,
A little vegetable oli.

T. Preparacion → 30 -50 min

1. Put the sugar, butter, milk, and condensed milk into a big heavy based pan and heat gently, stirring all the time until the sugar and butter has dissolved.

2. Bring the mixture to the boil stirring occasionally (so the mixture doesn't burn), let the mixture boil until it reaches 240F

3. Add the vanilla extract and beat the mixture with a wooden spoon for at least 7 or 8 minutes (it should be a lot thicker now).

4. Pour into a 19cm tin brushed with a little vegetable oil and smooth down. Leave the fudge to set for 10-15 mins it will set quicker in the fridge. Remember to mark the fudge into blocks the size and shape you want.

postres November 07, 2011 21:00

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Nathan Land hace 12 años

I love fudge.

Maisie Mouse hace 12 años

Sounds Yummy, cant wait to try it!!!

Anna01 hace 12 años

I tryed it. LOVEY
Why veg oil thoough?

Andrew Shakespeare hace 12 años

Mine is still trying to cool looking a bit white not brown though

Sonal Sethi hace 12 años

about to try and make it, do you have to add the vanilla essence ?

Jess hace 12 años

No but i think it make sit taste better!! Best of luck sometimes can be tricky!!

Sonal Sethi hace 12 años

aw thanks, i have none but i will let yual know what i think, my family i going to try it (:

Doug Hardester hace 11 años

How is this fudge packed?

Jess hace 11 años

packing wise, normally i just either layout on a plate or just leave it in the tray sometimes :p