Caramel tiramisù

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Caramel Tiramisù of Fabrizio Ciacchi - Recipefy

3 Eggs
500g of Mascarpone
1 pack of Savoiardi (Ladyfingers) biscuits
1 pack of Caramelised Lotus biscuits
130g Sugar (45g each egg)
Dark chocolate tablet (or cocoa powder)
Ground Cinnamon (optional)

Prep. Time → 60 min

Cook Time → 240 min

1. Assure to have all the things you need to make the cake (all the ingredients, one big spoon, a mixer - normal or electronic, two containers and a dish).

2. Start by opening the eggs and splitting the yolk part (yellow) from the albumen (white). And place them respectively in the two containers. If the eggs are small, you can use 4 of them instead of 3.

3. Add sugar to the yellow part of the eggs until you see the mixture is solid enough. At this point with the big spoon start mixing to obtain a flat cream.

4. Take the white part and start mixing (with an electronic mixer is better) until you obtain a dense foam. If you use a transparent container check that there is no white part left.

5. Back to the yellow part, check you have a flat cream, then add all the Mascarpone.

6. Mix the Mascarpone with the spoon or a normal hand-mixer until you have no lumps in your cream.

7. At this point you can take the white-foam and mix it with the yellow part. As for the previous steps, you can use an hand-mixer to facilitate the operation.

8. Take the Caramelised biscuits ( - if you can't find in your supermarket, you can order online) and create a layer as a base in the dish. Then add a first layer of Mascarpone cream.

9. Now take the Savoiardi biscuits and in another container put some coffee (american coffee should be ok, at least a 6x moka with one glass of water is the same) and a sprinkle of Brandy (taste good also Pear Brandy/Cognac - or Baileys Irish Cream). Take the biscuits and soak them in the coffee. Take care not to soak too much (when you think is enough it's too late).

10. One biscuit at a time put them on the first layer of Mascarpone, to create a new layer with these biscuits. When you have done, add the second layer of Mascarpone. Repeat again this operation (2nd layer of Savoiardi and 3rd level of Mascarpone).

11. It's almost finished, take a dark chocolate table and a grater (or a peeler).

12. Put some ground cinnamon. To not kill the taste of the whole Tiramisù, put few on top (use a small spoon to spread it). Then put the chocolate chips on the Tiramisù to finish garnish (otherwise you can use the cocoa powder and a tea strainer to cover it). Now you should put the Tiramisù in the fridge for several hours (the "cook" time I have putted refer to this).

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