What is Recipefy?

Recipefy is an easy to use recipe manager to create and share your cookbook online. Organize recipes by tag, share it with your friends and bookmark your favorite one from people around the world.

Invite your friends to join and start sharing your recipes in a flash. You can also share it by email, Facebook, Twitter... or simply print your recipe and give it to your friends.

You can comment recipes and you can "like it". Adding the recipe to your likes it's just like bookmarking it, a way to getting back to it fast and get note of your favorite one.

Follow people you like to get updates about new recipes of your friends or other great cooks around. Add yummy recipes and become the most followed cooks around!

Do you have a super secret recipe you don't like to share? Sure, you can also keep your recipe private so that only you can see it.

Ever been asked for the recipe of this delicious cheesecake during a dinner with friends? What a bore. Stop! I want to write my recipe once and then share it on Facebook, Twitter... with everyone. So we built Recipefy.

We're Extendi, a small team from Florence (Italy) who like to craft beautiful and fresh web 2.0 apps. Check out us at: www.extendi.it