classic meat and cheese & spinach lasagna

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1 dried lasagna sheets uncooked
1 lb whole milk Ricotta
1 egg
1 salt and pepper
1 fresh mozzarella
1 basil
1 medium onion, chopped
1 chopped garlic
3 Tbsp olive oil
1 fresh ground beef
1 spaghetti sauce
1 spinach leaves

1. ( To make meat sauce:)
1. in a large pot, put olive oil: then onion and Garlic, on medium heat. Cook down and caramalized 4 mins:

2. 2.then add in ground beef: break up If you have too: and cook beef fully cooked: then add the tomato sauce: and let it thicken:

3. 3.add the spinach, and let that cook for 3 to 4 mins.

4. 4. (cook lasagna sheets)

5. a Medium bowl, put the Rocitta in it: then add the 1 egg: pepper and salt: mix well until combine.

6. 6.In a rectangle baking dish, put olive oil: and take pastry brush, and rub all over the dish:

7. 7.take some meat sauce and spread all over the baking dish:

8. 8.take the lasagna noodles and line the bottom: overlapping just a little:

9. 9.Take rottica mixture, and spread on top of pasta sheets: and take some more meat sauce and spread on top: Add mozzerlla cheese on top of meat sauce. (1st layer done)

10. 10. Do over layer again, until you end up with the mozzerlla cheese:

11. 11.put in oven, 375* for 45 mins, until melted and brown.

12. 12. Let cool for 20 Mins: unless it will fall apart

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