eggplant parmesan recipe

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1 large eggplant: sliced lengthwise: thin
5 eggs
1 flour
1 corn oil for frying
1 salt and pepper
1 tomato sauce with chopped basil
1 shredded mozzarella cheese packets

1. 1. Crack eggs and put in bowl: also put in flour in flour plate:

2. 2. Take a big knife, and cut The eggplant lengthwise nice and thin:

3. 3.season flour and eggs with salt and pepper: beat eggs well:

4. 4. Dab eggplant slices in flour: on both sides: dip eggplant into egg mixture: fry on medium heat: cook for 1 min: on each side till light brown: season each one that comes out with salt and pepper:

5. 5. Take paper towel, and put on finished plate: layer eggplant and pepper towel:

6. 6. Put oven for 350* Take rectangle dish, put sauce in it: spread to make even:

7. 7. Do 1st eggplant in layer: take sauce and put over eggplant: take cheese and put over:

8. 8. Do 2nd layer: cook for 25 mins till melted and brown on top

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