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  1 packet of wafers for the Rafaello (for balls)

  150g whole hazelnuts 200 g chocolate 200 black works eurokrem

  Chocolate Hazelnut 150 100

Prep. Time → 190 min

1. 1
Prepare wafer charging. Prepare the filling: Melt the chocolate steamed, remove from stove and add the chocolate cream. Still liquid filling charge wafers. In the center put on a whole hazelnut. Gently arrange them in a container (as prone to "rummage" aside). Put them in a cool place
Chilled balls roll in melted chocolate, then into chopped nuts (even better look like this when dipped in chocolate and nuts to cool, and then roll them in chocolate .. so close to original)

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Hristijan Kiko Acoski
20 years old