Gherkins (pickled cucumbers)

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Gherkins (Pickled Cucumbers) of Bradford Tetlow - Recipefy

I've tried a few different recipes for gherkins, this one is one of the simplest and so far has made the best tasting gherkins.

2 Tablespoons Sea Salt (or non-iodized salt)
2 Tablespoons White Sugar
250mL White Vinegar
80mL Water
5cm-10cm Pickling Cucumbers (Cumus Sativus) (I used these:

Garlic Cloves
Bay Leaf
Pepper Corns
Dill Seeds
Celery Leaf
Dried Chilli

Prep. Time → 10 min

Cook Time → 15 min

1. Heat salt, sugar, vinegar and water in a saucepan over medium heat until boiling

2. If your cucumbers are covered in fine hairs, remove these first with a scourer under running water.

3. Pack whole or sliced cucumbers into sterilised jars

4. Add whatever additions you like in various combinations (I last used 1 bay leaf, 1 celery leaf, pinch of dried chilli, 1 clove of garlic and two cloves. EXPERIMENT!)

5. Pour boiling vinegar brine into jars and fill to within 5mm from the top.

6. Place lid, finger tight, on jar and place in a hot water bath

7. Boil in hot water for 15 minutes

8. Remove and cool.

9. Eat after 5 days.

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