Grilled ham and cheese with yellow peppers

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Grilled Ham And Cheese With Yellow Peppers of Jason Nickolay - Recipefy

- Sour Dough Bread
- Your Choice sliced Ham. I love Boar's Head Honey Ham
- Your Choice Cheese - I used a Sharp Cheddar
- Yellow Banana Peppers
- Pickles
- Butter or Olive Oil
- Salt/Pepper
- Dill Weed

Prep. Time → 10 min

Cook Time → 10 min

1. - Pre Heat grill to around 400 degrees (Medium to High Heat)

2. - Take 2 pieces of bread, and based off of your preference, cover the outside of the bread with a light layer of either butter or Olive oil.

3. - Put a generous layer of ham down on the non buttered side of the bread. Sprinkle cheese on top of ham.

4. - Put a layer of yellow peppers down followed by a layer of pickles. How many or how thick depends on your love for pickles or peppers.

5. - Cover with another layer of ham and put the other piece of bread on top of the sandwich with the butter or oil side on top.

6. - Place of the grill for about 5 minutes and sprinkle the Salt/Pepper and dill on the sandwich then flip. The bread should have some awesome grill marks, a nice golden brown color and have a good crispness to it. Place on the other side for about 5 minutes until that side is toasted.

7. - If the cheese does not see melted at this point, push the sandwich to a not as hot part of the grill and let it sit until everything is melted.

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