Mapo doufu

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3 T. canola or vegetable oil
3-4 garlic cloves, sliced
1 T. minced ginger
5 scallions, chopped in 1" pieces (discard tough greens)
3 T. soy sauce
2 T. chili sauce
1 doufu (tofu) cake, cubed in 1" pieces
1/2 c. stock
2 T. corn starch
1 t. (or less) Sichuan flower peppercorn

Prep. Time → 10 min

Cook Time → 15 min

1. In a hot wok, add oil and scallions, garlic, and ginger. Stir-fry for 10 seconds. Mix in soy sauce and chili sauce so everything is covered. When the air is fragrant, add doufu cubes and stock. Stir-fry. As it comes to a boil, add about 1/4 c. water to the corn starch and give it a good stir. When the doufu dish is bubbling in the wok, quickly drizzle in the corn starch mixture and stir. Turn off the heat as the liquids start to thicken. Add a sprinkling of Sichuan flower peppercorns on top to taste. Serve over rice.

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