Oreo ice cream cake recipe

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1 gallon vanilla ice cream
1/2 cup caramel topping
1/2 cup chocolate sauce
1 package(s) Oreo Cookies

1. 1. Take the Ice cream out of the freezer, and leave it at room temp. For 45 mins: so it can start to soften, and easier to work with:

2. 2.Take a circle spring form pan, and put plastic wrap over it: and line it: it's easier to take the cake out, once it's done.

3. 3. In a large bowl, take vanilla ice cream, and put in bowl: work with wooden spoon: take Oreos, and line the inside of the spring form in a circle: then after, take the oreo cookie, open it up, and put it on the bottom of the spring form pan:

4. 4. In the Ice cream bowl, put in caramel sauce: then chocolate sauce: DON'T MIX IT

5. 5. Put some Oreo cookies, and put in food processor till it turns into Oreo crumbs: put the Oreo crumbs in The ice cream bowl: mix well: (leave some Oreo crumbs for later)

6. 6.Pour the ice cream bowl, into the spring form pan: level and make even.

7. 7. Sprinkle some left over Oreo crumbs, on top of cake: take some more Carmel sauce, and drizzle across: finally, put in freezer for 6 hours :o

8. 8. Take out of spring form pan, and it's gets wrapped in plastic wrap and foil:

9. 9. To eat: unwrap it, slice and eat.

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