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Is it possible to have multilingual recipes with so called "language switchers" on each recipe page in the future? I would love to share my recipes with people globally using the English language and with my friends using my native language.

Posted by Otto Rask 12 years ago

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Simone Susini 12 years ago

Hi Otto, sure we could think about it. Anyway you can just insert two different recipes.
Thanks a lot for the suggestion.

Doom 12 years ago

Otto, I'm really happy to read that you would like to share your recipes globally in English - I'm a reasonable cook but not much of a linguist!
It would be very useful to be able to filter recipes by language as well as location.

Fabrizio C. 12 years ago

I have the same need :)

Eduard Gotwig 12 years ago

I also. Should be realizable.


Me too! There are many recipes I would like to try but, need them translated to English.

Otto Rask
33 years old
Hämeenlinna, Finland