Szechuan beef

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Szechuan beef of Harpreet - Recipefy

500 g lean beef
2 peppers
1 onion
1 red chilli
Sauce sweet soy
Sichuan Prickly ash
chopped ginger
1 garlic clove
chili paste
sesame oil

Prep. Time → 15 min

Cook Time → 25 min

1. Cut your beef thinly. Marinate in a mixture of sweet soy sauce, Sichuan pepper, chopped ginger chili paste and a little sesame oil (or failing a neutral oil such as peanut or sunflower).
Marinate at least fifteen minutes (if you can marinate the night before).
Then add your beef slices with the marinade. Skip your meat with your vegetables within minutes. Avoid overcooking the meat because it would become very hard, in general it is cooked in 1-2 minutes away if your fire is strong.
Add Sichuan pepper to taste. Serve with rice, garnish with coriander leaves or mint, and some fried onions.

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