Vegan sushi

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Vegan sushi of DC5veganlifestyle - Recipefy

one cup sushi rice
one tbsp rice vinegar
pinch of salt
8 nori sheets
one bell pepper
half cup shiitake mushrooms
romaine lettuce
one avocado
2 cucumbers
sesame seeds
balsamic dressing
*sushi roller

Prep. Time → 20 min

Cook Time → 10 min

1. 1.Start cooking the rice on very low until all the water is soaked up
2.Cut the vegetables
3.Start rolling the sushi: we have 3 kinds :
Avocado rolls: you roll avocado and cucumber,roll the sushi in sesame seeds at the end
Lettuce rolls: you roll lettuce,shiitake mushrooms and cucumber
Bell pepper rolls: you roll lettuce,bell pepper, avocado and cucumber
4.Slice a nice through cold water and cut your sushi

2. P.S: We don't eat anything that contains soy so we used balsamic dressing instead, it goes really well with the sushi

3. ENJOY :)

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