Homemade nutella

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Homemade Nutella de Dan Kirton - Recipefy

7 oz of hazelnuts
1 can of sweetened condensed milk
9 oz of dark chocolate
1/2 cup of milk

T. Preparacion → 5 min

T. Cocinado → 25 min

1. On a medium flame, dry roast your hazelnuts for about 10-15 minutes. The nuts should smell toasty, not burnt. Once done, set aside and let cool completely.

2. Place hazelnuts in food processor and pulse away. This step takes some time, but you'll be done once the hazelnuts have the texture of peanut butter.

3. melt the chocolate until smooth and just melted. You can add a pinch of salt here if you wish. Remove from heat, and pour into a mixing bowl.

4. Add sweetened condensed milk and mix thoroughly.

5. Now pour your hazelnut butter into your chocolate mixture, and combine. You will have a very thick dough-like chocolate mixture. Add tiny pours of warm milk until you reach your desired consistency.

6. Take your Nutella through another round in the food processor if you wish, just to smooth things up a bit. Pour into your jar (or right into your mouth), and enjoy!

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