Dads chorizo stew

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Dads Chorizo Stew of Sonic Sophie - Recipefy

Chorizo Sausage - skinned and chopped about 1cm chunks; Red and Yellow Peppers - chunky chopped; 1 x Tin of chopped tomatoes; 1 x Large onion - chopped; 3 x cloves of garlic; 3/4 pint of stock; bottle of red wine; tomato puree; ground ginger; salt and pepper

Prep. Time → 5 min

Cook Time → 25 min

1. Total time 30 min (longer you simmer the tastier it is)

2. In a large pan, on medium/high heat, fry the onions in olive oil until translucent

3. Add the chorizo and crush in the garlic cloves and fry off until the chorizo starts sweating their juices

4. Add the tomatoes and puree bring back to simmer

5. Add the red and yellow peppers

6. Pour in 1/3 pint of red wine and add all stock bring to simmer

7. Add the ginger, salt and pepper to taste

8. Turn the heat down to a medium/low now just simmer until you're ready. Approximately 15 will allow chorizo and veg to soften nicely, but the longer you leave it the tastier it will be...

9. And that's it just serve it in a bowl with some crusty bread (I didn't have any when i took the pictures, so used normal sliced)...

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Author My dad

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