Lemon and grapefruit squares

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Lemon and Grapefruit Squares  of Forbidden - Recipefy

100g soft butter
60ml castor sugar
250ml cake flour
pinch of salt
5ml vanilla essence

zest of half grapefruit
250ml castor sugar
125ml grapefruit juice
45ml lemon juice
45ml self raising flour
4 large eggs
whipped vanilla cream, to serve

Prep. Time → 15 min

Cook Time → 30-40 min

1. preheat oven to 160C and grease 30cm X 20cm oven proof dish

2. for pastry:
cream butter and sugar together for 1min.

3. whisk in flour, salt and vanilla essence.

4. Press pastry into greased dish and bake for 15min until golden brown

5. for filling:
whisk all ingredients together

6. pour over pre-baked pastry and return to oven for 15-20min or until firm to the touch

7. allow to cool and place in fridge to set for at least 1 hour

8. slice into squares, if desired

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Author Food and Home Entertainment Magazine, May 2012 Issue

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