Pizza toast

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Pizza Toast of Naomi - Recipefy

2 slices bread (or a bagel or a
piece of French stick sliced in half)
½ pepper
1 spring onion or a small onion
1 mushroom
30g hard cheese, e.g. Cheddar,
Edam, Gruyere
2 x 15ml spoons tomato puree or tomato ketchup
½ x 5ml spoon mixed herbs (optional)

Prep. Time → 15 min

Cook Time → 5 min

1. Preheat the grill

2. Slice the pepper, spring onion and mushroom.

3. Grate the cheese.

4. Place the bread under the grill and toast one side.

5. Remove the bread from the grill and place on the chopping board uncooked side-up.

6. Spread the tomato sauce over the bread using the back of the spoon.

7. Arrange the pepper, mushroom and onion over the slices.

8. Sprinkle the cheese and mixed herbs over the bread.

9. Place under the grill until the cheese bubbles.

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Neda 9 years ago

You got this recipe from school :) Clever xx

22 years old
United Kingdom