Scott's sweet potato & sausage hash

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Scott's Sweet Potato & Sausage Hash of Sara Meyer - Recipefy

1 large sweet potato
1 sweet onion
1 green bell pepper
2 small red apple
1 lb. ground breakfast sausage or italian sausage
olive oil or coconut oil

Prep. Time → 20 min

Cook Time → 20 min

1. Chop sweet potato, onion, pepper, and apple.

2. Heat oil in large pan or dutch oven, medium heat. Add sweet potato to pan and cook for about ten minutes, until starting to get soft, turn often.

3. Add onion, pepper, and apple, mix and cook for another 5-10 minutes. Season with oregano, thyme, and salt.

4. Meanwhile, cook sausage in other pan. When sausage is cooked, mix it all together and serve.

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