Suzi's crabcakes inspired by marcus samuelsson

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Suzi's crabcakes inspired by Marcus Samuelsson  of Suzi Perry - Recipefy

1 lb of spuds
2 cloves garlic
Few slithers of ginger
Half a lemongrass stick
1 pound crabmeat
1 tsp mild chile powder
2 tsps dijon mustard
2 Tbsp mayonnaise
2 tsps chopped coriander
2 tsps chopped mint
2 Tbsp cornflour
olive oil

Prep. Time → 10 min

Cook Time → 30 min

1. Boil potatoes and throw in the garlic, simmer for 15/20 mins then mash together and leave to cool. Add the remaining ingredients apart from the breadcrumbs and cornflour, and mix softly, add some salt and pepper. Using a small handful of mixture, shape the cakes. Mix the cornflour and breadcrumbs together then cover the cakes in this coating. Lightly fry until golden on each side in the olive oil. Simple and quick, but sooo tasty!
Serve with lime wedges and a garlic Mayo, fab.

main courses October 10, 2011 15:23

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Emma Aimers 12 years ago

For a low fat version try using cous cous instead of breadcrumbs and cornflour. Dip cake in egg then roll in dry cous cous

... 12 years ago

cool i watched this on the gadget show 2 hours ago

Joey Pierce 12 years ago

Looks good to cook I'm probably still going to mess this recipe up though

Paddy sears 12 years ago

Thanks for the tip on this site. If you separate the steps in the recipe with blank lines it will add step numbers for you...

Michelle 12 years ago

Same Gabriel.

Hannah Hassall 12 years ago

Saw you add this recipe on the gadget show! how i found out about this website, Sound good!

Terry Brown 12 years ago

i just love crabcakes and suzi perry:)

Kyle Bothwell 12 years ago

very tasty so indulging just perfect

Alice Norrington 12 years ago

LOVE IT watch you doing it on gadget show sosososo inspired to join LOVE the recipe too!!!!

PPP 12 years ago

Hi Suzi! I love your show and I love your crabcakes.

Anna01 12 years ago

I saw it too!! low fat one is a great idea!


Absoulutly delicios

Daniel :) board 12 years ago

wow suzi perry im a big fan of the gadget show you present and i would love to try your crab cakes

Carrieanne Davies 12 years ago

Heyya Suzi!
I absolutely love The Gadget Show and seeing this website on the TV made me want to upload some of my recipes. I am only ten years old and love to cook , thanks to recipefy other people can enjoy cooking too!
Thanks Suzi,
Carrieanne Davies

Mytchell Easthope 12 years ago


Maisie Mouse 12 years ago

HI, I love the gadget show and cant wait to try the crab cakes!!!

Harry Walker 12 years ago

Amazing chers love the gadget show by the way

Zosia wielogorska 12 years ago

just watching the gadget show where you recommended it and this recipe turned out delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charli Knight 12 years ago

Been thinking of something I can cook for the other half tonight.. And just seen this on tgs..... might just find something =]

Jamie Hoar 12 years ago

Mmm this looks tasty will you show it on the gadget show so everyone can hear about this gourgeous recipe

Emily 12 years ago

yummy crabcakes, love the gadget show and can't wait to see you at gadget show live! I HAVE TICKETS!

Matthew Cooper 12 years ago

I wach your show every week and saw the episode with this site on and I love the site thanks nice crab cakes by the way!!!

Aleks Wrighton 12 years ago

i use all your top 5 websites except
i gave the 50th like

Daniel Watts 12 years ago


Oliver Pointer-Jones 12 years ago

Hi suzi why don't you do some more recipies even know it was the fourth one on your list. I'd loved to have a reply from you ASAP because well your on the gadget show! its my favourite show i like this more than the simpsons please suzi reply say hi to the gadget crew for me by

Carlos Ramirez Pla 12 years ago

all this in only one recipe incredible , insert more please

Leah nicholls 12 years ago

I saw you cooking it on the gadget show and was inspired to go on recipefy - I am now addicted to it! Your crab cakes are delicious!

Spencer Brooks 12 years ago

I saw top 5 websites i saw this one on there its realy good thanks

Julia Kossowska 12 years ago

I'm looking forward to a Star Trek replicator being available so I can try these!

Rachel peck 12 years ago

GORGEOUS recipe!

Carrieanne Davies 12 years ago

Delicious, love the gadget show xxxxx

Lorna 12 years ago

I love Gadget Show! These look absolutely delicious! As soon as I had finished watching Gadget Show I went on Recipefy

Emily 12 years ago

Hey Suzi,
Saw all the gadget show team at Gadget Show Live yesterday. We had the first show of the week in the supertheatre and it was EPIC! Had front row seats and loved it when you all came off the stage in your fave techy transport. You were running right past the.audience! I had such a great time and we are going to book tickets next year!
Go Gadget Go!!!!

Red-Heart 12 years ago

Hi Suzi, I watch the gadget show, it's really cool! I also loved the programme you did about photography, I love photography! I'll try out the crab cakes they look really yummy! Thanks for opening my eyes to this wonderful website.

Paul Olliman 12 years ago


Jad ELia Wakileh 12 years ago

i just saw u on the gadget show showing the top websites

Bugatti04 11 years ago

not very nice bit soggy

The Weirs 10 years ago

sounds a bit mingen

Tom Buck 9 years ago

taste like shit. but i would fuck pollyanna

Tomasz 9 years ago

looks nice and yummy :)

Food Lover 9 years ago


Ciolabella 7 years ago

Toc..toc.... every one at home?

Hyu95885 6 years ago

Blant Simonetti 5 years ago


Sean Benton 5 years ago

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