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I am a housewife and I love you cook food.


Our site is for recipes,we have recipes from breakfast,lunch and dinner,but in near future we will add category for healthy food and tips.Enjoy in our recipes,good appetite!


Hello, I am Thay from Malaysia and I born in the year of 1986. I have been working as a cook for the past 10 years since I graduate from the culinary college.


Full-time Mommy. I love cooking semi-homemade & from-scratch dishes.


Hey guys, thanks for stopping by. My name is Jennifer and I am a make up artist. I love to hang out with my friends and family. I also enjoy watching scary movies, my favorite is The Babadook. Besides that I enjoy this site, because love cooking!


Hi! I'm Lois and I live in Boston. I am 27 years old and I work as a hairdresser. I love to cook and bake! Besides that I enjoy watching action movies and hanging out with my friend! My favorite food is Thai and Italian - I love spaghetti, yummy!


Hey, my name is Deborah and I live in Virginia. My favorite interests are: Shopping! I love shopping for dresses, I am a big addict. I also love to read books and watch movies. Harry Potter and Thor happens to be my favorite films of all time.

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“Tina Turbin focuses on Paleo and Paleoish recipe development at PaleOmazing.com. She is an award winning recipe developer, celiac, gluten-free and paleo advocate who writes about the various paleo diets.”
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