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My name is Mary, and I love to compare recipes from many chefs to figure out the difference that certain ingredients make. I'm already a great-grandmother. I just look young. I feel like I am in my first childhood.


argentinian cheff amateur @Tours in El Calafate & Chaltén


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I am a housewife and I love you cook food.


Leandro N. Alem 8 - Villa Carlos Paz, Córdoba, Argentina




Hey there! My name is Angie, I'm a 20 years old italian girl whose main passion is cooking. I live in Turin, where I'm attending university. I'm vegetarian and you'll find only vegetarian and vegan recipes here. Hope you'll like my recipes! :)


Mom of 7 need I say more...

Daisy Figueredo
“Hello I'm Daisy and I'm a very busy american college student who loves quick & easy healthy recipes. Here you can find my tested & favorite vegan, vegetarian and other whole foods recipes.”
35 years old
Miami, United States